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4 Steps To Sourcing The Perfect Rug

As a designer I hear these statements come up quite often when meeting with clients “this space needs color”, “how do I define my space”, “I need this room to be welcoming”. Well, let me tell you my number one answer if they do not have what I am about to say… “You need an area rug” Below are my top 4 design steps to sourcing the perfect rug.

1. Measure: The rug defines the space, therefore, when measuring you want to ensure all the furniture can be properly be placed on the rug

2. Select a shape: The shape of the rug defines the space. A square or rectangular rug is great for zoning, for example, a sitting area. A round or organic shaped rug is great for defining smaller spaces to make a fun statement.

3. Choose a material: When choosing the material for your rug it is important to understand how you and or your family live. If you need durability wool is a great option, if you need a budget friendly option, try an affordable material like cotton or nylon.

4. Decide on a pattern & Color: Pattern adds character and life to a space. When deciding on how to tie all the elements of the room together keep the pattern and color in mind. Make this a focal point in the space. If your pillows have an organic pattern to them, try balancing the patterns with a geometric or a solid style.

Chicago Interior Designer Tiffany Brooks

These four steps are key to picking out the perfect area rug for your home. Follow these and you should be golden. If you need more help with your home, contact us here to schedule a zoom meeting with us.



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