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Accent Walls – Good Idea?

I’ll be honest…I don’t really care for accent walls. It makes me feel like the room is incomplete, unfinished, fragmented, and just…uh uh.

But, for some odd reason they’ve become insanely popular. Sometimes they look okay, but they have to be done right! It’s definitely not the right choice for every room. Sure, an accent wall can be a fantastic way to highlight a fireplace. But adding an accent wall to a smaller room might make it look cramped.

So, if you’re thinking about creating an accent wall, then here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Be Careful with White

Adding an accent wall to a room with all white walls can provide a much-needed burst of character…or it can completely overwhelm the room. Are you aiming for a dramatic effect? Because an accent wall contrasted against three white ones can look striking.

Think About Size

Painting the walls the same color tends to make a room appear larger. By adding an accent wall, you’re sacrificing this effect. Which might be exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes, you WANT something to chop up the room and make it smaller.

If the room was small to begin with, however, an accent wall can appear distracting.

Consider Patterns

An accent wall shouldn’t have to compete with the rest of the room for attention. If there’s already a lot going on in the room, like eclectic furniture or multi-colored flooring, an accent wall can have a dizzying effect. Too many textures or patterns can drown a room.

Choose the Right Wall

Choosing an out of the way wall at the end of a hallway to accent won’t have much of an effect on your home’s aesthetic. Pick a wall that deserves to be highlighted. You could focus on a wall with high, gorgeous windows or a wall that already has textured elements.

Don’t be Afraid of Bold Colors (Well, Sort Of)

In love with a powerful shade like a sunshiny yellow or a deep blood-orange? Use it for your accent wall. If you’re smart with the design of the rest of the room, the wall will coordinate nicely. Pulling off bright colors can be tricky but you just need to find the right accents for the rest of the room.

Be Creative

You can highlight a wall in a lot of ways, you’re not stuck with paint. An accent wall can be created using tile or stone or even fabric. I actually prefer that paint isn’t used, but you can be as subtle or as bold as you want. Design rules are meant to be broken- so break them. Paint stripes on a wall in your office, use stencils to create designs on a kitchen wall. Try out something new.

Nobody can agree on accent walls. Some people think they’re a perfect, affordable way to add spice to an otherwise bland room while others feel as though accent walls often look garish out of place.

It doesn’t matter what the design world believes. What do YOU think? If you’re a fan of accent walls, create one! But please, do it right!



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