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#ADULTING – 6 Tips For Your Home When “They” Return to School


Hi All,

It’s been awhile. Life has tackled me and has had me in a headlock for about a year now. Not a bad headlock; but kinda like when your crush is playfully giving you a noggie headlock AND he has on really good cologne.

I have been working on some amazing projects, both locally in Chicago, and nationwide. I completed the 2016 HGTV Smart Home, Made the African American Top 20 Interior Design list for the 3rd time, moved my studio, cared for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer, and my business has grown TREMENDOUSLY.


Needless to say, I missed you guys. A LOT.

So – today was my son’s second day of school. The first day (to me) doesn’t count. The first day is when everyone is sizing each other up, catching up about summer and figuring out about which cliques they are going to join and avoid. The second day is when shit hits the fan, and those kids need their game faces on! As we left the house, I realized my house is an ass-backwards mess.

I figured I can’t be alone here. I cannot be the only mom who needs a quick refresh to my space.

So, this post is about making a quick statement of independence. The school has your kids now, and it’s time to get back to #adulting. We need to change the mood, rearrange furniture, control the clutter I.E. CLEAN, and consume alcohol, in between all of the above.

I have 6 ideas and photos from House Beautiful on making it all happen:

  1. Make A Statement In Your Home -remember, in some cases, less is more -create movement by using texture or pattern around your space. -add a feature, or an accent wall to create a focal point -swap your solid pillows and throws out with stripes or texture -swap out the lighting in your roughest area for something more stylish -raise curtain rods, to create an illusion of a large window and use full-height drapes


Pillows that have high contrast make a statement. Find these on Etsy.

Feature something

Focal points can be a simple (yet bold) gallery wall.


I flipping love this fixture!

2. Change the mood -use intimate lighting fixtures with dimmers to enhance a calm space -use color to create the personality you are looking for -Yellow relaxes -Green refreshes -Orange energizes -Blue calms -Purple inspires creativity -mix and match patterns and texture in materials to promote energy and character -Re upholster your furniture or use slip covers for a stylish new look


If you want sexy – go dark.


Gray is not leaving anytime soon. This space is still very moody

Make a statement with Color

This room just makes anyone and everyone in it feel instantly happy.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture -Create conversation pieces by moving furniture to face one another -make your small living space feel larger by keeping your furniture skinny and full of hidden storage -use an area rug to define a space -put furniture on an angle for an experience -center your love seat with wall art -replace your utilitarian media center with a great buffet table and have your tv over it. (cherish is a great place for buffets with a vintage kick)

Furniture Layout

This arrangement is perfect for gatherings and conversation

4. Embrace Your Natural light -create a window seat -get rid of heavy duty drapes -mirrors help reflect light that is coming through the windows -repaint the walls to a color that reflects light better

interior 3.jpg

I would never, EVER leave.

Bold Lighting

5. Controlling clutter – (It is the easiest way to make a difference in your home!) -think vertically -get rid of things -become a minimalist -use an ottoman to store all the backpacks and shoes that seem to pile up by the front door

rearrange somethings

Perfect solution for controlling the clutter

6. Have a Cocktail. – My Favorite step. isn’t that self explanatory?

I am going to be honest. I made this list with the intentions of making it easy. But some of these may require a little bit more elbow grease. If your “simple after summer refresh” turns into a nightmare – Get on my calendar – I can help!

Tiffany Brooks


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