After the Win. An Interview with Tiffany.


How did you get casted on HGTV Star? Once the casting agency posted the announcement on Craigslist , Facebook, and Online – I got an onslaught of emails from my clients, my Facebook friend Trina, and my older brother. His was the funniest – It was simply entitled “Here’s your chance!” with a link to the add.  – needless to say, I went to the audition.

What was the worst thing about being gone so long? Leaving. Once I got there, and met my cast-mates I was cool. But it was saying goodbye to my son and my husband who started balling at the Milwaukee airport, felt kinda like someone ripping my heart out of my chest. To add some comic relief to the situation I remember saying to him – “Its okay, just like in the movies they will probably kill me off somewhere in the middle of the movie!”

What did you win? Well a whole new life! I got the opportunity to compete in the Olympics of interior design & decorating, national exposure, and a contract for my own television show. Yes – I am also getting paid for being a TV host.