Aries and Design

Even if you’re not into astrology, reading about your sign can be a fun thing to do whilst drinking wine with the girls. Let’s start with the first astrological sign: Aries. Aries, represented by the ram, run from March 21-April 19th. The Aries is a fire sign full of courage, enthusiasm, and confidence. While the Aries possess plenty of good qualities, they have a few imperfections as well. An Aries can be described as impulsive, impatient and moody. An Aries also has duality. For example, in spite of an Aries bold, flashy, and energetic nature, they appreciate quiet and simplicity in the space they’re in. Their home decor is usually an open floor plan, simple, clutter-free but vibrant, full of life and personality. So let’s talk about Aries and design!

The Color Red

Aries like their personal spaces to appear “clean” and will often opt for colors such as whites and neutral but they also love bold and lively colors, just like them. Speaking of colors, red is the color of Aries. Though red can be associated with negative feature such as anger, rage