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Aries and Design

Even if you’re not into astrology, reading about your sign can be a fun thing to do whilst drinking wine with the girls. Let’s start with the first astrological sign: Aries. Aries, represented by the ram, run from March 21-April 19th. The Aries is a fire sign full of courage, enthusiasm, and confidence. While the Aries possess plenty of good qualities, they have a few imperfections as well. An Aries can be described as impulsive, impatient and moody. An Aries also has duality. For example, in spite of an Aries bold, flashy, and energetic nature, they appreciate quiet and simplicity in the space they’re in. Their home decor is usually an open floor plan, simple, clutter-free but vibrant, full of life and personality. So let’s talk about Aries and design!

The Color Red

Aries like their personal spaces to appear “clean” and will often opt for colors such as whites and neutral but they also love bold and lively colors, just like them. Speaking of colors, red is the color of Aries. Though red can be associated with negative feature such as anger, rage and aggression, the color can be positive too. Red is the color for power and passion. Such a fitting color for someone oozing passion. It makes sense that red would be incorporated into an Aries home decor.

The Statement Piece

As previously discussed, an Aries definitely appreciates the simple things in life but they also enjoy flaunting and borderline gaudy from time to time. Don’t deny it Aries that’s reading this. Bold statement pieces is something that will grab an Aries attention. Think an extravagant art piece hung on the wall, an obnoxiously huge gold statue in the corner of a room, or a piece with plenty of bling. Aries are trailblazers and trendsetters. They tend to become bored with monotony and the ordinary. An Aries is constantly seeking the next big “it” thing. By the time everyone else has caught up to the previous trend, an Aries has already moved on. Their impulsive nature will urge them to change their home decor and wall colors before the paint has an opportunity to dry.


So, we now know that an Aries is a fire sign. Fire produces warmth, which is something an Aries thrives off of. Warmth refers to both literal and figurative warm. A fireplace, candles and plush blankets are entities that will provide an Aries with the desired warmth. Items that encourage an inner warmth will be found around an Aries home. Though full of fire, an Aries can appreciate pieces that are reminiscent to water. These water elements are anything from glass tables to any décor piece with silver in it.

Next time you get together with your friends for a wine or dinner party and decide to deep dive into the world of astrology, look around the room. Are you at the home of an Aries? Is there a clean, simply yet edgy look to the room? Are there splashes of red around the home? Don’t forget to compliment an Aries on the home decor you notice, they’ll absolutely love that.

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