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6 Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Today, minimalism is incredibly popular. The sleek design trend has caught on fire, especially among young Americans. People want to downgrade their big, expensive lifestyles into something more manageable. Therefore, the living room is where minimalists really shine. The stark beauty of the décor becomes evident when you’re allowed to bask in it. These six living room ideas will help you design the perfect minimalist look.

1. Clean Up

All the little knickknacks and things that you’ve accumulated over the years need to go! Period! Clutter is the opposite look of what you’re trying to achieve.

Take a look at the stuff in your living room and figure out if you really need it. That weird clown statue that everyone thinks is creepy? Toss it. The broken chair that you’ve been carting around forever? It’s time to let it go.

Once you remove the clutter from the room, you’ll be left with the stuff that actually matters to you. Now you’ll have the freedom to do what you want with the space.

2. Think About Nature

The green movement fits perfectly with minimalism. Bring the outdoors in! A few well-placed plants can completely alter the aesthetics of your living room. A stale, stuffy room can instantly be refreshed.

Just a few plants are enough to transform any space. The type of plant you should get depends on your gardening abilities, your tastes, and how much natural light enters your room.

3. Creative Storage

Trust me, less is more. This should be your mantra when you’re designing your living room. To achieve this, you’ll need to get creative with your storage. For instance, hidden drawers and shelves can add an air of mystery to a room.

You can add space under a couch, embedded into the wall, it doesn’t matter.

4. Go Dramatic

Dramatic, bold pieces of furniture are a staple of minimalist designs. That’s because if you choose an attention-grabbing piece, you don’t need to do anything else to the room. Your furniture will be enough to set the mood.

A stylish couch or a particularly unique rug will work.

5. Add Art

People love looking at interesting artwork. Hang a statement piece on your wall and prepare for it be a major conversation starter. If you’re not sure where to get started, go to local art fairs and speak directly with the artists. You might be able to negotiate the price.

6. Splash Some Color

A white room with select pops of color looks striking. You can go with bright, candy-sweet colors if you want to create a spring-like effect. For something more dramatic, try deep, rich colors. For instance, a few well-chosen purple accents look regal.

Your living room is your space to both relax and to host your friends.

If you’re ready to get started on a project or just want some insight, feel free to become a client!

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