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Boss Up Your Bedroom On A Budget

I’ll be honest…boring bedroom décor is a straight up mood killer. I mean…for real!

You should light up when you walk into your room. It’s your haven against all the ugly things in the world. A bland, uninspiring bedroom can really bring down your zen or whatever.

Some people think restyling means you have to spend a lot of money. And while you can definitely splash out on high-end products and renovations, you don’t need to drain your bank account to make effective changes.

I’ll shed some light on how you can boss up your bedroom on a budget.

1. Purge

Do you ever find yourself trying to dress up clutter? Has it ever worked? Probably not!

Clutter always looks messy no matter what you do. Get rid of anything that you don’t need and you’re not in love with. You’ll have more space to work with. Closet bursting with clothes that you never wear? Donate them! Shelves full of knickknacks and random items that you never touch? Child, toss them and don’t look back. Take a close look at your furniture as well. Do you really need that extra chair?

2. Dress up Your Walls

This is a fun one! There are a million ways to decorate your walls and most of them are pretty cheap. You can paint them or place wallpaper for a dramatic change. If you just want a pop of color, you can throw up a tapestry. You can also play around with any pictures or artwork already hanging on your walls. Hey if you aren’t finding just the right piece – get your creative juices flowing and paint it yourself! Updating your picture frames is also an easy way to give your room a new look.

3. Invest in Curtains

Real curtains make a room look more elegant. You can choose a light, airy color if you’re looking to brighten up your room. Or you might choose a deep, rich tone if you’re searching for something sleek and sophisticated. Curtains can be pricey but they don’t have to be. Stick to simple patterns and fabrics and look for sales.

4. Invest in Good Lighting

A dull lighting scheme can make your room look dingy. Too much light wastes electricity and looks unnatural. Your eyes will appreciate it if you upgrade to a better a lighting system. You can find a good lamp for less than $50. Old fixtures can be upgraded as well. You can also purchase a new lampshade or install a dimmer.

5. Choose the Right Linens

Human beings spend a lot of their time sleeping. Why not have a comfortable bed? Great linens not only look nice, they feel a lot better than ones made with cheaper materials. A scratchy, rough bedsheet or blanket is a nightmare.

6. Get Started

Remember, renovation projects are supposed to be fun. Your goal is to make your life better by improving your surroundings. Home improvement projects that revolve around your bedroom are an awesome idea for people trying to stick to a budget because small changes can be so effective. Simply changing your bedspread can give your room an entirely new character.

Are you ready to revamp your bedroom? Take a look around and figure out what you want to change first. Do you want more color? More personality? Once you know exactly what you want, you can create a plan to get it.

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