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Creating A Pet Friendly Space

Pets are a joy to have. They are the perfect companions for single folks and a warm fluffy pile of love to a growing family and every situation in between. The problems that arise with owning pets are ensuring they don’t destroy your things and carving a space out in your home for them. Whether your pet is big or small or you’re tight on space for them, there are some space efficient ideas that will help you create a pet friendly space. (Note: We’re going to focus our attention on cats and dogs).

Beams and Elevated Platforms

Cats tend to climb on everything, especially the counter tops. You may even spot your feline friend tucked away on top of the fridge. Adapt your home to their wild instinct. Install extra ceiling beams or elevated platforms cascading down the wall for them to walk on. Maybe now they’ll stay off the counters.

Nooks and Crannies

Some pets find comfort in small, dark places while others love to snuggle in bed with you. On the days you rather not share your bed with the fluffy one, create a little nook for them in your side table. Simply place a cushy pillow in the cubbyhole. That way, they’re close without invading your personal space.


If you don’t want to dedicate your book space for your pet, opt for a doggie tent or teepee. Place a doggie bed or oversized pillow in the teepee. Unless you have a large area to dedicate to your pet, I suggest using this idea for small dogs.

Hanging Out

There goes that cat again, making the top of the refrigerator its new home. You’ve tried everything but nothing is swaying the cat from staying on ground level with the rest of the family. Try a hanging bed or swing. It may give your cat the illusion they are higher off the ground than they really are.

Couch Mats

Though a blanket may keep your couch clean from your dog’s dirty paws, without properly securing it, it’s only a matter of time before the blanket becomes askew and your couch is ruined. A couch cover that can be secured will work wonders in preventing or minimizing furniture damage.

Dog House

For the “outside” pet, try a dog house. It’s an ideal way for those that don’t want their dog in the home but want to keep them safe from the elements. The dog house can be as luxurious or basic as you please. Either way, your pup will appreciate some nice cool shade on a hot summer day.

Dog Beds

A more basic yet necessary item mentioned is a bed for your pet to call their own. Depending on the size of your pet, depends on how big of a bed to purchase for them. There are many different sizes and styles of pet beds, including the traditional bolstered bed, heated bed for those cold winter nights, and orthopedic bed for your more seasoned companion.

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