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Happy Memorial Day & My Patio Before and After

So, Memorial Day was coming up in my husband decides to invite over family from out of town plus friends over to our house. For real Dude!? When is the last time you to the good look at our patio?? 

The Before

The Before

The Grill

Okay so here’s our current situation. We have patio furniture that has been around since we bought the house. Some of it had rips and tears in fading from years of usage and sunlight, these ugly pillows which we have tried to make work, and other monstrosities such as a faded umbrella, and this weird globe glass thing.

I think This is used to feed our plants – The dead ones….

 Don’t even get me started on the grill…

I had a budget of $2000 and approx 300 sqft of patio space to work with. That’s a really big area with really small coinage for what I needed to have done. 

We needed a new grill, dining area, lounging furniture, chairs, an umbrella, area rug, plus landscaping (i.e. plants and flowers). My thought – this is not going to happen.

We decided that the only plan was to keep and repaint most of what we had. We started with the dining table and chairs. As it stood, they were a Home Depot Putty Color. Basically it looked like nude stockings stretched over a metal frame.


 So being cash poor and we decided to repaint the set black and white. 

The Improved Black and White Table

We used Black All Purpose/Universal Spray Paint by Rustoleum to do the nylon/metal chairs. Much better, if i do say so myself!

Next up that damn gril…. remember it….?

Again that horrible Grill

I have always, always loved the color grills found by Weber. Especially the green one I found at Crate and Barrel

dream grill

 Umm – yeah. we got only 2K and we are not about to add any more to the budget than needed. So again being green and saving green we repainted it white, and even tricked out the wheels in chrome! LOL!

Grill now

Grill now

We were warned, but ignored that painting it white we would see the burn marks from the cooking. Me being me, I ignored the warning. I used the grill spray paint for high heat found again at Rustoleum. I found the rest of the furniture at Ikea, World Market, Pier 1, and Menards. I got the Applaro seating set from Ikea and decided to recover the cushions. I am so over beige.

Ikea Seating

While we were there we picked up these cute lounge chairs! 


Bam! We repainted the hell out of our current stuff, added flowers, planters, and updated our rug! We even updated an old fire pit by surrounding it with brick to make it look like a part of the patio! Here is what things were looking like as of yesterday.

Patio After

Patio After

Patio After

Patio After

Patio After

The best part…. I was under budget! 


Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks



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