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Home Tour: So NOT Southern.

I stumbled upon this amazing house tour while being held up in the Nashville airport this past weekend. First and foremost I need to thank God that our pilot had enough Spidey sense to realize that our plane was not maintenaced properly. We were litterally on the runway when the pilot decided for us to deplane because “He had a bad feeling” about some clicks that he heard from the underside of where he was sitting. Causing him to stop the plane and take us back to the airport. Turns out the part of the plane that connects to its front wheel by the nose was terribly rusted, causing it to come basically detached from the plane. I was told that by the attendant working the flight that morning who I was entertaining with facts about HGTV’s Smart Home. She also said that if he had not turned around, the front wheel of the plane more than likely would not have been there when we were in the landing process in Chicago…. It could have been really bad you guys and I would have been on TV for a totally different reason then usual.

Soooo, with hours to wait to get home and absolutly nothing to drown out the annoyed passengers around me, I stumbled across this stunning home in South Carolina. This home belongs to designer Angie Hranowsky. It caught my eye because anyone who is from the southern half of the US knows that its primarily traditional there. We’re talking carved woods, maroon paisley, tassles, and gingam check traditional “yawl”. Not poking fun – I love it there and miss living there, but still its hard to find something as funky and beach hip, as what I about to show you.

Dope Right? Heres what I am crazy about: The selected color scheme for the lower level. The use of violets, reds, and blues FLAWLESSLY. That brass hood. O – M – Damn. It is so good, it made me want to rip out my crappy microwave/hood combo just for reason enough to invest in some sparkly like that. The kitchen cabinet handles. I think it was a stroke of genius to put the money into that vs. amping up the character of the cabinets themselves. The four poster bed, not going to say much about it because my pal Jessie Miller is about to rock one of these for a project, and I will be all over that. The violet built ins. It is so hard to get homeowners to see past the two step of oak and white built ins, so this example is a touch of amazing.

Be Blessed!

Tiffany B.



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