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Romantic Decor

It’s bittersweet that February has come to an end and in deep hibernating until next winter. On the plus side, we see the bright and shining light at the end of winter’s tunnel. For most, all of our attention has shifted from Valentine’s Day to spring and imminent warm weather. Fortunately for the lovers of love out there, love is forever in the air. You can experience that February 14th mushy and romantic feeling year-round. Here’s some decor you can include in the room where all the magic happens, your bedroom.


Candles are an excellent source of light. They are used in varies settings such as nice romantic dinner, whilst soaking in the tub after a long day, or when you’re waiting for the electricity to cut on because finally paid the bill. Either way, candles set a mood. They encourage relaxation and symbolize love, hope, and warmth. Yes, interior design is about the look, feel and flow of a space, but what about the smell of the space? Try scented candles lavender for tranquility and a good night’s sleep. Or vanilla. It’s sweet, calming scent is said to act as an aphrodisiac. Do what you want with that information.


Canopies aren’t just for a child’s princess themed bedroom, you too can have a canopy bed and be the queen of your castle. Canopies come in many different styles. Ranging from a classic four-poster bed frame draped effortlessly with the fabric to the extravagant Lit à la Polonaise design adorned with fabrics, textures, and stringed lights, giving you those queen vibes you’re searching for. Looking for your next DIY project? Try using a canopy hanger and your choice of fabric to create your custom canopy.


Speaking of fabrics, there are countless options to choose from. A couple of fabric styles worth noting are chiffon and lace. Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer, and flowy fabric. Though this fabric is often used for clothes, especially for wedding attire, it’s the perfect choice when you want a flowy, carefree, or romantic feel in your room. See, this fabric could work for that canopy you’re going to build. On the other hand, lace is a fine, delicate fabric woven into different patterns. Lace is synonymous with beauty, femininity, and sensuality. It can be incorporated on bedsheets, curtains, lampshades, and wallpaper.

50 Shades of Red

In a previous article, we discussed different colors, what they mean and where they can be used in your home. Whether you recognize it or not, colors have a way of swaying your mood and can provoke emotion. Sultry shades of red are most associated with love and romance are particularly blush, rose, and raspberry.


If you think flowers are only satisfying when they are sent to you or attached to a special occasion, I would challenge that notion! You can absolutely buy them for yourself on the regular and I promise it’s just as satisfying. Fill your bedroom with them! Whether you opt for real or fake flowers, bring a little nature and natural beauty into your bedroom. There are more romantic flowers out there than the typical rose. Give lilies, tulips, and orchards a go.

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