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The Latest Interior Design Trends You NEED to Know About

Interior design trends constantly change and it can be hard to keep up. Fortunately, you can search for advice from designers. The type of advice that will suit your situation depends on your budget and your goals. There are tips to fit absolutely every homeowner.


Curves aren’t just attractive on your body. Interior designers are trending toward curved designs, both in furniture and architecture. You can find interesting looking pieces if you search for them. Curve articles of furniture can fit neatly into any home design.

Recycle Materials

The green movement is huge and shows no signs of slowing down. Millennial homeowners are interested in recycled and repurposed materials, and this offers a great opportunity for designers to flex their creativity.

Old-School Touches

Victorian sensibilities are coming back with a vengeance. Marble and lace accents are becoming more popular. Hunt through thrift stores and antiques stores to find pieces that suit your vibe.

Creative Patterns

Geometric shapes and patterns are being featured heavily in modern design plans, and it can tie into a classic, old-school design plan as well as more minimalist plans. A unique pattern can become the focal point of any room.


People are becoming more attuned to other cultures. It’s not uncommon for modern homeowners to request design touches that were influenced by foreign groups, and it’s a way to pay respect to another culture as well to introduce a unique element to your room.

Featured Outdoor Space

Millennials want to connect to nature. Modern homes sometimes emphasize their natural surroundings rather than trying to block them out. You might install large, floor-to-ceilings windows as a way to show off an impressive view. Or you might devote ample resources to upgrading your backyard.

Black Kitchens

White has dominated most kitchens for a long time. Current designers are playing around with black kitchen accents and features. It creates a sophisticated, stylish look, and also it’s slightly unexpected. Most people don’t expect to see black feature heavily in a kitchen.

Bold Rugs

The right rug can utterly transform your room. Instead of playing it safe with traditional designs, today’s homeowners are experimenting with bold, creative prints. If the rest of the room is understated, a bright rug will automatically draw people’s attention.

Earth Tones

Rich, earthy tones are making a comeback, and you can create a lovely living room or office space using soft tans and browns. A rich green fits this color scheme as well. Earth tones will never go out of fashion. They’re becoming more popular now because people are falling in love with the shades all over again.

You shouldn’t follow every design trend. Only try out the ones that you can afford and that really appeal to you.



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