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HGTV Smart Home 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Now that we’re in the last year of the 2010s, I’ve been thinking back on all of the trends in the 90s and early 2000s. There are trends in both decades that have stood the test of time and/or made its way back into the mainstream. Though most of these home decor trends should be left in the 90s/early 2000s like low waisted jeans, some are so fun that it’s hard to not want to incorporate into your home today.

Bamboo Anyone?

One thing is for sure, they (they as are those that create furniture) don’t make furniture like used to. And if you happen upon furniture of good quality, said furniture is super expensive and sometimes still not the top-notch quality from back in the day. Wicker, rattan, and even bamboo furniture is lightweight, transcends the any decade, and worth some coin (if you wanted to resale those pieces).

Statement Curtains

Doorway curtains allow your quirkiness to shine. There’s no need to stick to traditional fabric curtains. Like in the 90s/2000s, these curtains can be beaded which make a “beautiful” sound every time you enter a room or closet. Beaded curtains can be made of wood, bamboo, or plastic molded in various shapes. You can keep the beading colors soft or opt for those that glow in the dark.

Primary Colors for the Win

If you skipped Art 101 in college, allow me learn you something. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Combined, these colors create other colors such as green, orange and purple. Said colors happen to be the secondary colors. The 90s/early 2000s were defined by bold colors. But these colors aren’t stuck in a time capsule. Primary colors are an excellent accent wall or accent pieces in any room.

Fringe Benefits

Fringe is one of those trends that can be associated with any time period and with any room in your home. Whether it’s a lamp shade, base of a couch, or curtain. Fringe is one of those interior design ideas that hasn’t gone away and won’t anytime soon.

Fluff and Floral

Remember the time of furry and fluffy everything? From furry pens to notebooks to even cord phones (am I showing my age?!) So much fluff everywhere. After decades, fluffy accessories are still around and very much so thriving. Throwing a furry pillow on your couch or bed will add a touch of texture. Floral prints will outlive all of us. Florals are perfect for any season between spring and winter. Florals can be anywhere in your home and on any surface, you can think of. There was a time where floral walls were paired with floral couches. Let’s not overdo it in this decade. An accent wall with floral wallpaper is acceptable or cover a side table with a beautiful floral arrangement.

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