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Why You Might Be Failing at Interior Design

Interior design looks easy, but it’s actually a lot of hard work. Walk into the most stunning room on earth and it’ll still be difficult to see how much hard work went into the design. The results look effortless. The bright splash of color on the walls, the fuzzy throw rug on the floor. Every single concept requires deliberation.

You Need More Patience

So why aren’t your efforts working? It might because you underestimated how much planning you would need to do. You can’t just buy pieces willy-nilly and expect them to fit together perfectly. You need to be able to visualize how different things will look together.

It’s easy to become frustrated if your plans take a long time to come to fruition or if the final result wasn’t what you thought it would be.

Give your ideas time to mature before you abandon them.

You Don’t Have an Eye for Color

Interior design is a skilled field. There are no barriers to entry beyond talent. If you don’t have that ability, however, it’s going to be hard for your designs to succeed. If you’re constantly unhappy with your interior design efforts, you should consider the idea that you might not have the right eye for the work.

It’s okay if that’s true! You can get advice from family or friends, look up ideas online, or hire a professional designer. You don’t have to be an artist to have an amazing looking space.

Soak up as much advice as you can from other people. Even if you do have a talent for design, you can benefit from being exposed to other ideas.

You’re Ignoring Your Budget

It’s easy to become swept away when you’re buying items for your home. However, if you blow past your budget you might feel so stressed and uncomfortable that you can’t enjoy your new design. Your budget might be very small, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a new atmosphere for your home. You need to be creative.

Thrift stores, garage sales, etc. are great ways to find inexpensive products. You can also re-purpose items in unique and unusual ways. If you need fresh inspiration, search on Instagram and Pinterest.

Designers with plump budgets sometimes make money mistakes as well. Just because you have the funds to afford something, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for a better deal. Overspending should be avoided no matter what your bank account balance is.

You Need to be More Creative

If you’re feeling listless about your interior design choices, it might be because you’re playing it too safe. Your design needs to make you feel excited. If it doesn’t, try branching out to something more dramatic. Pick a bold color, choose a striking piece that can’t be ignored by your guests, do something that makes you feel happy to come home.



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