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Nursery Decor

Not too long ago, I went to a baby shower of one of my dearest and closest friends. We celebrated the impending arrival of her first child, a precious baby girl. The tables were covered with in feminine powder pink and glittery gold tablecloths with heart and star shaped gold and hot pink confetti beautifully scattered across each table. Gold and pink balloons everywhere and a pretty gold photo station with a banner reading “It’s A Girl” draping over it. And we can’t forget the treat table full of powder pink and gold goodies. Though the smells of the baby shower menu staples of fried chicken and meatballs filled the air, it didn’t compare to the love that touched the parents-to-be.

Celebrating a new baby is a joyous and emotional occasion. While the mom and dad-to-be opened their 100+ gifts, it seemed that every other outfit they received were pink, pink and more pink. A guest made the comment that “girls can wear more than just pink” and she’s right. Here are some ideas for your new baby’s nursery beyond the typical pink (typically associated with girls) and blue (typically associated with boys). Get a little creative for your new bundle of joy when it comes to their nursery decor.

Tree House

Typically, a parental goal is to raise a productive and sound member of society even if the child is a dreamer or doesn’t quite fit the societal model. Jump start your child’s imagination and creativity by bringing an enchanted forest to them. This theme is complete with a little tree (maybe little elves are behind the door making cookies), crib nestled in a tree stump, and lilies to light the way.

Fun Chic

This navy, grey, and white nursery is sleek, chic, and sophisticated yet fun. The giraffe wall decal and other animal touches gives the nursing personality. If mixing different textures and patterns, try to stay within a similar color scheme to maintain room flow.

A Touch of the Outdoors

This baby nursey is like a little cabin in the woods but in your home. By adding some outdoorsy elements like deep earth tones, reclaimed wood, a faux moose (or any animal) head, faux fur, and stuffed animals you can achieve this look. But don’t be surprised when your little one grows up and wants to play in the woods and…mud.

Fit for a Prince or Princess

Don’t fret, no need to be a part of or marry into a royal family to have a room fit for your prince or princess. This nursery includes neutral colors and soft whites, soft lighting, plush pillow covered walls, and a crown above your little prince/princess’ crib instead of a mobile.

Pop of Color

As mentioned, the colors of your baby’s nursey can be more than the typical pink and blue. Opt for more neutral tones while adding a pop of color. This nursey used variations of gray to make the room feel warm while adding some pops of orange to give the room a bit more edge. Using other gender-neutral colors is ideal especially for those won’t know their baby’s gender until they’re born.

Looking to design a nursery or any other room in your home? Let us know how we can help!


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