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So THIS happened. A DRAMATIC Transformation.


Meet Verda and Marty:

What can I say about Verda. She’s a lot of sparkle, a lot of girly, and very stylish.

Verdas sense of humor is amazing. My first meeting with her was an hour long conversation over the phone. She told me she was addicted to the sparkly things, had a love/hate relationship with Z-Gallerie, and wanted me to amplify her space. 

When I met the Verda and Marty in person I was intimidated and entertained all at the same time. I was greeted by Marty with a simple “Hello, nice to meet you” These two are the modern day version of yin and yang.

Verda is single-handedly one of the most glamorous people I know, and she knows it! That’s the funny thing about Verda. She is a total girly girl and she wants her space to reflect the same. Martin on the other hand, wanted to take a seat back and watch the process unfold.

This is how the space looked upon arrival.

JPEG image-3C4B673AA807-1

I blurred Verda out above.

JPEG image-92DA60DDAD0D-1

Well damn.

I have this uber cute, stylish homeowner, and a space that looked like, well, looked like THIS.

Here’s What I did:

  1. I took their overly beige base and in injected it with some feminine color; totally reflective of what Verda wanted.

  2. We selected in curated all of the furnishings and accessories

  3. Swap the lighting

  4. The biggest thing that we did was nailed Verdas personality in this total redo of a current Hollywood Regency room… that was not too reflective of the early 40s and 50s.

before I show you the after, do you remember the before:

JPEG image-3C4B673AA807-1

Here it is…


The other before:

JPEG image-92DA60DDAD0D-1

Damn – I did good right!!! Verdal loved it. Matter of fact, she reacted like I have NEVER, EVER seen another homeowner react….

She changed her clothes.

I know, It was weird but totally made sense. She said “you must be dressed to match this room hunny!”

See – everyone needs a verda in their lives.

More photos:


Verda, is now sitting in front of me as I post, and we are working on her bedroom design!

Stay Tuned!

Tiffany Brooks

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